12/10/14 Club Meeting Synopsis…

Quick Run Down from last night’s meeting:

Going to review alternatives for #3 South (including wire relocation) before the Course Map is redone by the Park District as a “Winter Project”.

Tree went through a litany of Park District projects that were disc golf related that the Park District will be working on – they are going to be busy this winter.

Corndog presented the summary of the CCC Financials.

Murph announced plans for an early year non-sanctioned event for recruitment.

There was consensus that organized cleanup efforts during league rounds or second/third rounds be organized and implemented.


Vice President- Steve Vose

Treasurer: Josh Jackson

Course Maintenance: David Robson

I stepped back into the role of Information Officer until a replacement can be found – An expectation was agreed to of within 30 days. Please, everyone thank Jason Ratts for all of his efforts in the position. Volunteers for the Board Position? If you are interested please reach out to Murph directly or through springfielddiscgolfclub@gmail.com

Members present voted to spend 6,000.00 of club funds towards a course installation at Centennial Park. Paragon Disc Golf will take care of another 6,000.00 of the costs at Centennial Park. Box4Discs will be responsible for the practice baskets. Eric Welch and myself will head efforts to fund-raise for the overages with any of the moneys left over from those fundraising efforts presented to the Park District for betterment of the disc golf in Springfield. All of this contingent on Park District re-approval of the course.

Rich Klein will be heading efforts to sell the tee sign sponsorships at Lincoln Park North and South as a club fundraiser.

23 paid members to date Рyou squared up yet? You can reach out directly to Steve Vose or through springfielddiscgolfclub@gmail.com. You can also pay your $20.00 via paypal using the club email address above.

Throw Hard,


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